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Camon Hero reveals card production and dismantling with new action shots

Eliot Lefebvre

It's almost cliche to say that a game has a unique art style these days, but Camon Hero is something of a special case. A card-based game with a setting and art style inspired by that odd pedigree, it may be the only place you can see things like a knight in armor fighting musketeers, angels, and flying gingerbread men. But there's more to the game than just the breadth of setting -- the game has just disclosed some details of the system whereby a character can break down unwanted cards or create new ones, thereby expanding their capabilities.

Almost everything can be dismantled, from equipment to random items to cards. Dismantling produces both Arc Stones, used for summoning monsters and upgrading equipment, and possible bonus items. In addition, players can find recipes for new cards on the field, which can be assembled in town from various items. Since cards define a character's capabilities, dismantling and re-assembling are likely to be integral elements to gameplay. Check out the gallery below for several new shots of Camon Hero in action, and keep your eyes open for more news as the game moves through closed beta.

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