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Steve Jobs responds to customer's email about Final Cut Pro


Steve Jobs has been surprising customers lately with personal replies to their emails. He's done it again this week with the longest message yet.

According to Mac Soda, customer Alex J. felt that the recent updates of Final Cut Pro (FCP) have gotten the application off track. As do many zealots who feel their faith slipping away, he asked for a sign:


Getting worried about Apple's interest in Final Cut. Last updates were not stellar. I heard a bunch of engineers were dropped too – give us a sign you still care about Pro Video, not just the iPad.



Much to Alex's surprise, Jobs replied. Not only that, he was motivated enough to share three whole sentences. Steve's email reads:

"We certainly do. Folks who left were in support, not engineering. Next release will be awesome."

Now we're excited for the next "awesome" release of FCP. We like this new "chatty" Steve.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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