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2K Marin working on XCOM, '2K Australia name is no longer used'


Earlier today, we reported that the development of the recently announced XCOM was being handled by 2K Marin's sister studio in Canberra, Australia -- 2K Australia. As it turns out, that isn't the entire story. When we contacted 2K Games representative Charlie Sinhaseni for follow up, we were told, "2K Marin, both the Novato, California and Canberra, Australia arms of the studio, are collaborating on XCOM. The two function as sister studios now." Notably, this new relationship is very similar to the the previously existing one between Irrational Games/2K Boston and Irrational Australia/2K Australia functioning as sister studios.

We also confirmed that, aside from BioShock 2 DLC, the California arm of 2K Marin is working exclusively on XCOM, effectively refuting the idea that it's working on BioShock 3.

Further, we were told, "The 2K Australia name is no longer used." It appears that the southeast Australia-based studio will no longer be known by its former moniker and will instead fall under the "2K Marin" label. Guess the Marin County School District's gonna have some major budget restructuring to do with all that new geography under its belt, eh?

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