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Breakfast Topic: Personal blooper reel

Lennon Simpson

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In four years of playing, I've done some dumb things. It happens. Play this game long enough and odds are you'll goof up somewhere. Sure, everyone pulls threat and wipes a raid or misses a clutch CC in PvP. Those things come and go, but I mean some epically silly things. For instance, when I was but a wee noob to WoW, I spent three levels grinding XP from the turtles on the shores of Tanaris because I didn't know where to go next. I also had a habit of wanting to color-match my gear by level. Yeah, I was that player. But I wasn't thinking, "Hey, this would make a cool RP set." No, sadly I was thinking, "What kind of adventuring hero would go out into battle looking like a patchwork quilt?" Of course, it's safe to assume most people do things like that. Right? Guys?

More recently I've found myself using the random heroic tool on a regular basis, and with my hardcore raiding career long behind me, I was actually getting gear I needed. Once I got so excited about a new piece of gear that I hit "disenchant" instead of "need" out of habit. Sigh. At least the void crystal was worth something. Substantially more groan-inducing was passing on a 500 gold Pendulum of Doom on the auction house, then finding out not too long after that they easily sell for over 20,000. Within the same day, I found out that Green Lenses of various stats (such as stamina or intellect) were also worth a similar amount of money. I groaned, remembering that as a newly minted engineer, I had vendored or destroyed several of these, finding them useless for my level 60.

Does anyone have any similar groan-inducing events? Do you keep a personal blooper reel of screenshots of some hilarious mistells or other shenanigans?

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