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Dungeons and Dragons Online releases new Sentinels screenshots

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Player attention may have been focused on the DDO Offer Wall the past few days, but Turbine jumped in and made it right pretty quickly. Hopefully the focus will head back to the fun stuff pretty soon -- namely, Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 4. If you've not heard the talk about Update 4, the Sentinels Adventure Pack, and the infamous zombie-pirates...well, welcome to Massively. We're glad you stopped by.

Turbine has released another round of gorgeous screenshots from Sentinels. These give us a peek at some pretty interesting things, including Captain Tew and Ratty, a flaming airship, some unusually well-dressed Kobolds, and -- surprise surprise -- zombies and pirates. Sadly, they are not zombie-pirates, just one of each. Still, the screenshots are a great look at the Adventure Pack, so take a peek at the gallery and then head into Dungeons and Dragons Online to check it out for yourself.

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