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PlayStation Mini 'Hysteria Project' is an FMV adventure

Justin McElroy

I'm always asking myself, "Justin, full-motion videos are so great, why aren't they used in every game?" It's a fine question. There's huge, pent-up demand for games that use video of actual actors throughout my office, and it seems that someone's finally catering to it. It's just been announced that iPhone FMV horror adventure Hysteria Project is coming to PlayStation Minis courtesy of Sanuk Games.

The news comes from the Euro PlayStation blog, so the question, of course, is whether or not this super-cool, super-scary release will be part of the North American update when it's unveiled later today. Here's hoping the high concentration of FMV fans in and around my office chair finally have their voices heard. [Update: Just heard back from Sanuk, Hysteria Project's coming to North America next week. The FMreVolution begins!]

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