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Street Fighter for iPhone adding new character for free


Our friends over at Joystiq have uncovered some video of a brand new character coming to the Street Fighter for iPhone game from Capcom. Camy is going to bring her camouflaged legs to the fighting game, and she's coming for free -- Capcom is going to include the character in a soon-to-be-released update to the game.

Obviously a free character is great and all, but this seems weird. We assume that the character's coming in a free update, and since Capcom is announcing it, it's probably a safe assumption that it's up for Apple's approval.

We were told in an interview earlier this year that the game just didn't have enough "memory" for more characters. Maybe Capcom has fixed some performance issues and found a way to get another character in there -- or maybe the original translation we got wasn't quite right. At any rate, say hi to Camy -- if you own the game, she'll be on your iPhone soon.

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