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A Tale in the Desert launches Test of the Orchestra

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Fans of A Tale in the Desert are familiar with tests -- the game is a crafter's paradise and the test system is comprised of different quest lines that allow players to advance their chosen crafting field. Be it building, gathering, tailoring, or several others, something is offered for everyone. Now the game has introduced a brand new test that allows players to not only explore their musical sides, but to show it off in front of the rest of the community.

In The Test of the Orchestra -- available now on the main shard -- players will build a wide variety of instruments and round up a person to play each one. They will then compose a musical score to be played and judged by an audience of their peers, who will award points. The concert will be scheduled ahead of time and "open to the public" so to speak.

If you're not familiar with A Tale in the Desert, but this sounds interesting to you, they offer a brief free trial, so visit the site and see what you think!

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