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Lego Harry Potter 'Behind the Scenes' video shows us around Blockwarts ... er, Hogwarts


Are you ready to explore the "largest, most detailed Hogwarts" that's ever been created in a game world? We're not certain that we are either, but TT Games certainly has high hopes that we'll get to that point before LEGO Harry Potter's delayed June release window arrives.

The latest "Behind the Scenes" video (seen above) has employees from the UK-based developer detailing the enormous, immersive world that they've built (primarily out of LEGOs, as one might imagine). And though we might argue that we're not exactly looking for "immersive experiences" from our LEGO-based titles, well, it's pretty cute watching little LEGO Harry in action. Even "He Who Must Not Be Named" is kinda adorable with a cylinder head -- how could we resist?!

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