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Splinter Cell dev defends Ubisoft's 'always on' DRM

Though public opinion is almost unanimously against Ubisoft's current DRM solution, which forces players to have a constant internet connection in order to play the PC versions of the company's games, Splinter Cell: Conviction creative director Max Béland recently voiced his support for the anti-piracy protocols. "We consider that protecting our PC games is vital to our business and will allow us to continue investing in the development of creative and innovative games on the PC platform," Béland explained in an interview with VG247.

To Béland's credit, Ubisoft's new DRM scheme -- which Conviction will implement when its PC iteration hits store shelves April 27 -- has proven very effective at "protecting" the company's PC games. Seriously, we hear they're hard to get into. Like, really hard. Really, really hard.

[Via Big Download]

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