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Telltale teases mystery of Scoggins Erasers


A new, mysterious page has appeared on the Telltale site with the equally enigmatic name of "Scoggins Erasers." Upon opening the page, visitors are greeted with an animated image. The image, seen above, is pretty simple: An unidentified pedestrian walking around a snowy landscape. A few areas of the page are interactive, notably the snowmobile, two of the factory windows and one of the tree stumps. The latter objects trigger red-capped gnomes to pop up in various parts of the screen.

Beyond these areas, the only other interactive object is the sign, which does in fact link to the sign-up page for the Telltale newsletter. More information is promised on May 4, but what's the fun in waiting? Let's guess.

The factory appears to be shut down -- what with the chains on the door. But why? Are the gnomes to blame? Also, who is this Scoggins? A quick look on Wikipedia unveils two possible candidates: One, it could be Myles W. Scoggins, current president of the Colorado School of Mines. Colorado is very snowy, now isn't it? Or two, perhaps it's Krysta Scoggins, Canadian country singer. Canada, as everyone knows, is encased in a thick crust of hard-packed snow 365 days a year, so this possibility would make sense. Also, school presidents and country singers need a lot of erasers -- for grading papers and writing lyrics, obviously. The third possibility, though unlikely, is that this Scoggins person is an entirely fictional person (or place) created by Telltale. Yeah, right.

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