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Will Wright to produce Science Channel programming


Following the reveal of Will Wright's reported, user-generated television venture with Current TV, the sporadic game designer has signed a deal with Science Channel, part of the Discovery network, to create original programming with interactive online elements. The Hollywood Reporter describes the partnership as encompassing series and specials for Science covering stupid fun topics like time travel, other worlds and the future. "I want to take the way he engages an audience in gaming and bring that into a show," Science Channel GM Debbie Myers said.

"Gaming is a rich and compelling way to tell a great story," Wright added. "I am so excited to bring that mindset to TV projects."

With that mindset could come Wright's tendency to incubate his projects for prolonged development cycles. Luckily, the proposed topics for his Science shows fit right in with this strategy. Should he ever get that time machine running, Wright could journey back to our time and tell us all about the future. We'd watch that.

[Via Gamasutra]

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