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Zeno Clash XBLA release shifted to 'Spring 2010'


With April already halfway over, it looks like Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition has once again missed its expected release window. According to the latest update from publisher Atlus, the XBLA game is now scheduled to be released during the nebulous "Spring 2010" period. Just to make sure we don't forget about the bizarre first-person brawler, Atlus has equipped its delay announcement with a new trailer (seen above), featuring Ultimate Edition's new Zeno Rush mode.

Zeno Rush tasks players with fighting through certain sections of the game as fast as possible, with their clear times posted on an online leaderboard. To make things interesting, the mode also introduces a new weapon, the Time Hammer. While being a nasty implement in its own right, the Time Hammer also knocks a few seconds off your completion time for every successful whack.

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