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Vodafone's Sure Signal femtocells see a couple days of outage

Chris Ziegler

Wireless customers around the globe with femtocells securely stowed in their homes might start to take five bars of signal strength for granted, but there are still plenty of gotchas; your internet service could go down, for example, taking your phone with it -- and it turns out that your carrier can inadvertently bring it to its knees on occasion, too. It looks like a whole lot of Vodafone's Sure Signal-branded units in the UK have been acting up the past couple days due to network registration issues; new and existing Sure Signal customers alike have been affected, turning homes back into the barren, 3G-less wastelands they were before the device existed. Most (if not all) of the Sure Signals are now back in action, but considering that the outage lasted a lot longer than a few brief moments, let's hope that the Voda techs behind the scenes learned a lesson or two in the process.

[Thanks, paddyg12006]

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