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EVE Tyrannis site is go, flight!


Come May 18th, planets are fair game for exploitation and industrialization in EVE Online, as the much-anticipated Tyrannis expansion goes live. For those who simply cannot wait for a taste of the good life, CCP has just launched the official EVE Tyrannis website for the enjoyment and dissection of all.

EVE Online
is heading in new directions with Tyrannis, allowing players to finally explore planets (presumably in preparation for DUST 514) -- and not just explore them, but to build industries on them that will revolve around completely new materials. Tyrannis will also usher in EVE Gate, a social networking hub to tie EVE players together.

The new website is a grab bag full of goodies, including promotional videos, overview of the new systems, and a screenshot gallery. Wanna-be colonists looking to get a head start on the inevitable competition would do well to devour every snippet of information presented here. Head over to the official Tyrannis site and let us know what you think!

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