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iPhly app lets you control an RC airplane with your iPhone


Ari Krupnik is developing an iPhone app called iPhly that interfaces with any standard DSM2 radio control module, allowing you to control an RC airplane or helicopter with your iPhone. As you can see in the video above, you hard-wire your iPhone to the DSM2 module and then launch the iPhly app. The app allows your iPhone and module to talk to each other, thus controlling your RC plane. The iPhone's accelerometers control the pitch and roll, while the touch screen controls the throttle and rudder. While iPhly isn't in the App Store yet, Ari hopes to see it there soon and is currently looking for beta testers.

This isn't the first time we've seen the iPhone used as a remote control. As we showed you earlier this year, a company called Parrot unveiled the AR.Drone at CES. The AR.Drone is a sexier version of iPhly because there's no module you need to strap on to your iPhone to use it with. You simply use the iPhone's built-in WiFi to control the AR.Drone's quadricopter -- and try not to decapitate TUAW bloggers in the process.

Yeah, those kites I used to get when I was a child seem pretty lame now.

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