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Blu-ray releases on April 20th 2010

Ben Drawbaugh

Avatar comes out on Thursday and honestly we could end this post like that. Sure it isn't the most refreshing plot line, but 221k people voted on IMDB, and despite the new movie prejudice, it is ranked number 72 of all time -- which isn't easy to do. Although the 2D presentation of the movie in the theater was 2.35, the Blu-ray disc is 1.78, and no it isn't cropped. We know many out there will post in protest over the apparent double dipping, but we have little doubt that Avatar will rule every chart on every format it's available on. Also this week is a personal favorite, Minority Report, as well as the 80's and 90's Batman series which we have to say really doesn't hold up.

Avatar (Fox)
Crazy Heart (Fox)
Minority Report (DreamWorks)
The Lovely Bones (DreamWorks)
44 Inch Chest (Image)
The Young Victoria (Sony)
Batman & Robin (Warner)
Batman (1989) (Warner)
Batman Forever (Warner)
Batman Returns (Warner)
Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This (Weinstein)
Summer Hours (Criterion)
Vivre Sa Vie (Criterion)
The Telling (Terra)
The Basketball Diaries (Palm)

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