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This Week on Nintendo Channel: Pokemon reminiscing


Man, has it really been that long since those Pokémon hit the scene? Right now, we feel incredibly old, but don't let our impending deaths bring you down! This week on the Nintendo Channel, a pair of suspiciously attractive PokéTrainers talk about their favorite moments in the franchise.

After that, head past the break for the list of this week's content.

DS Demos

  • Picross 3D
  • America's Test Kitchen Pots de Crème Demo
  • America's Test Kitchen Roasted Red Potatoes Demo
  • Rooms DS (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects (distribution ends 4/25/20100)
  • Deca Sports DS - Cheerleading demo (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing DS (distribution ends 4/25/2010 )
  • Deca Sports DS - Ping Pong demo (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Disney the Princess and the Frog (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Alpine Skiing(distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion (distribution ends 4/25/2010)
  • Nintendo Week 4/19
  • Picross 3D - Info Video
  • WarioWare: D.I.Y. - Matt Bozon Made It Too!
  • Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - Remembering Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions #1
  • Monster Hunter Tri - Gameplay Video
  • Trauma Team - Walk-Thru - Orthopedics
  • Trauma Team - Walk-Thru - First Response
  • Spongebob's Boating Bash - Info Video
  • Bang Attack - Info Video
  • Rage of the Gladiator - Trailer - Boss: Nagano
  • myPostcards - Info Video

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