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Twitter Time: What Cataclysm info do you want?

Michael Sacco

There's been a fair amount of new Cataclysm info trickling out of Blizzard's volcano lair lately, but of course, we still want more. There are whole systems we know next to nothing about! An entire continent whose cataclysmic changes are still a complete mystery! And just what the heck happens to Cairne Bloodhoof? Our little hearts can't take the suspense. So we did what any normal people would do: took to the nexus of short-form social networking (the Twitter) and asked you what you just had to know about Cataclysm.

As it turns out, plenty. And the variance in responses tells us one thing: we need a beta, stat. Here are some sample responses, with the rest hanging out after the break. Don't forget to follow us on the official Twitter account!

  • promisha @WoWInsider I want to what they are specifically doing to make VC and SFK heroic, other than just level change
  • Shad0wembrace @WoWInsider I would really like to know if they are increasing the amount of characters on a server.
  • Balekkar @WoWInsider what happens to Cairne Bloodhoof?
  • Thrawnseg @WoWInsider How will raids be handled? Will it be like TBC or Wrath as in 1 path or many?

  • chiliblue @WoWInsider What r their plans for professions like blacksmithing. I'm hoping it gets shown some love.
  • joshua613 @WoWInsider approximately when is Cataclysm scheduled for release?
  • just_looking @WoWInsider Will there be new music in old zones and with mechanics changes will it be easier to solo old content or harder?
  • oskarjokull @WoWInsider Will there be marshmallows?
  • rguidry @WoWInsider I still want to know what the new racial mounts will be!
  • cdosrun @WoWInsider Cat answer? When does the beta start? Or better yet, When does Cat drop? XD
  • Janubris @WoWInsider When are we going to fight Sargeras? :D
  • sojiro84 @WoWInsider When will it be released? When will patch 4.0 hit?
  • RestoShaman @WoWInsider When will we be able to change the order of the character screen. So minor yet such a welcome change if they ever added it
  • eclecticgamer @WoWInsider release date, of course.
  • Kaineshiru @WoWInsider yes indeed! So happy it's purchasable, or I wouldn't have time to get it playing, haha!
  • uwflatlander @WoWInsider The questions I want answered are A) when is the beta and B) when is the release date
  • andyveilleux @WoWInsider when is it coming out? hah. Any news on some of the alteration to original azeroth dungeons? i.e. Deadmines?
  • kitsunewill @WoWInsider Can Dwarf shamans have Wildhammer tattoos?
  • wulfishmojo @WoWInsider How much will 1-60 content will be revamped? Will it be a totally new levelling experience or just revamped zone levels?
  • Shattered_Vrael @WoWInsider NEED to know something about the mounts. Are we getting faster? Bigger? Epic-er?
  • _Domni @WoWInsider Curious about old world flight mechanics. Able to drop in on enemy cities? Or will cities have barriers/turrents/nofly zones?
  • smoore093 @WoWInsider Will there be epic quest chains that involve raid drops ala Athena/Benediction, and will Artifact items finally be introduced?
  • HerofTime64 @WoWInsider uh release date? Duh :)
  • AlbinWald @WoWInsider what end game content will blizzard release to draw lvl capped players back into the redesigned zones?
  • ABLatif @WoWInsider why are they trying to make classes so alike? Mages getting some locks ability, rogues healing, and DK super OP
  • ryankinsler @WoWInsider What are the worgen mounts?
  • Caseman984 @WoWInsider im really excited about the new 1-60 content, Id like to know more!
  • slatios @WoWInsider Path of the Titans and how much they'll effect characters and specs
  • Grendalsh @WoWInsider It'd be nice to know what to put on the Bukkit List.
  • nerrick @WoWInsider collectors edition?
  • Grendalsh @WoWInsider Will Cata changes make current achvmts 'Feats of Strength' ala Onyxia 60. And are Armor set/ tabard "drawers" just a tease?
  • R_Glass @WoWInsider which zones do I NEED to quest in now before they are totally changed? Just EPL & Barrens?
  • Antttwan @WoWInsider More detail on hunters Camo skill..
  • somhlth @WoWInsider I'm interested in the reforging aspect of loot drops
  • sarahr84 @WoWInsider When is it coming out? Duh.
  • thetreyh37 @WoWInsider not exactly a question but i'd like a world map listing the major changes to each zone (lvl range, x is flooded etc)
  • WasntFuzzyWuzzy @WoWInsider When is it coming out? :)
  • jorgeblasio @WoWInsider When does public beta start? XD
  • Evipen @WoWInsider with Arcane Mage's damage now based on our mana pool, how are the going to balance it? High dmg when full and then drop off?
  • Call_me_Swarly @WoWInsider What reason do we all have to keep playing now that GC has finally given us our pony?
  • miggylol @WoWInsider When vanilla player models will be updated. I can dream...
  • fuzzcat @WoWInsider Will we have to buy an additional level of Riding or other miscellaneous flying cost gold sink?
  • AaronOfAwesome @WoWInsider How awesome are the Alliance/Horde submarines? And will their be a new Neutral City (I can't remember if they said or not)
  • Chadzilla @WoWInsider are other professions getting daily quests? Why does Jewelcrafting get all the love... not fair to other professions.
  • Nagrarok @wowinsider If they are going to update Cat and Bear models to include any sort of armor so that the gear leveling process isn't static.
  • carpediemevive @WoWinsider that's simple, I want details on Archaeology!
  • spitfire6006006 @wowinsider inb4 "When is it coming out?"
  • starmike @WoWInsider Better yet, will the cities be rebuilt over time, or will they stay the same because the NPCs in the game are all lazy?
  • Valaar @WoWInsider Why is there no Worgan/Paladin!! This is a must!
  • Shadowspawned @WoWInsider Obvious question is WHEN?
  • takewhat @WoWInsider From what level can we fly! And do they know they are idiots if its not level 81 ?!
  • starmike @WoWInsider How different the major cities will be.

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