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Battlefield DLC available tomorrow through Dr Pepper promotion


Not only has that fort you built out of old Dr Pepper bottles been the showpiece of your living space, but now you can have it work for you. Remember that partnership with EA? Starting tomorrow, you can use one of those bottles' cap to access some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC: the Kit Upgrade.

The add-on spices up each class in the cosmetic department, providing new looks for each outfit and specific camouflaged weaponry. Outside of the updated garb and stealthy guns, the update also includes 12 new awards and four Achievements. In North America, the DLC is only available via the Dr Pepper promotion. (In Europe, where the promotional partnership between EA and Dr Pepper is not in effect, Xbox Live users snag each class kit for 160 or the whole set for 440.)

The DLC will be available on the Xbox 360 tomorrow, while the PS3 and PC platforms will get the Kit Upgrade "later on."

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