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Ensidia's Muqq talks progression, fun

Jef Reahard

As far as 'I quit' posts go, we've all seen worse than this one from Ensidia's Muqq. The blog entry, which takes a calm, reasoned approach when laying out his decision to quit World of Warcraft, also compares Blizzard's MMORPG behemoth to smaller titles like Final Fantasy XI in an attempt to illustrate why the author feels that the fun has left the Azeroth building.

"I've kept asking myself the question, dating back to early WotlK, 'is this fun?' The conclusion was always the same. No. For me personally, I felt like things always stood still. The lack of difficulty throughout most of the game, coupled with having only some gear progression as the only form of character progression left a sour taste in my mouth," he writes.

While some will no doubt perceive Muqq's observations as stating the obvious, it's worth noting when a major player in one of WoW's elite PvE squads finally burns out. "The game philosophy has shifted, maybe due to the large turnover of players, or perhaps it might have been the reason causing it. Regardless, here we are today, playing a game with some of the best gameplay features any MMO has to offer, yet lacking the depth and character progression to go with it," he concludes.

Check out the blog entry over at the official Ensidia website.

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