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Jobo doubles and quadruples the storage on its photoGPS geotaggers

Tim Stevens

It took a heck of a long time for Jobo to get its first photoGPS hot-shoe-occupying geotagger to market, and now that model is getting a pair of successors offering two and four times the coordinate-keeping internal storage (2,000 and 4,000 locations, respectively). The new models are appropriately named photoGPS 2 and photoGPS 4, both of which capture your current coords whenever you snap a shot and then inject those waypoints into the photos via software when you pull down the pics. That suite is also getting an update to identify POIs that were near your scenic overlooks, a feature that, honestly, doesn't seem particularly useful. The photoGPS 2 and 4 are set to ship by the end of this month and will set you back €99 ($125) or €129 ($175).

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