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After Burner Climax comes with Avatar Awards


It's a proven fact that absolutely everyone likes Avatar Awards. Unlike the goodies in the Avatar Marketplace, Avatar Awards are free and, in many cases, provide a highly visible way to show off your gaming prowess. Several titles have offered Avatar Awards thus far -- including Left 4 Dead 2, 'Splosion Man, Halo Waypoint -- and now we have one more to add to the list: After Burner Climax.

The game packs two Avatar Awards. The first is a T-shirt, awarded simply for unlocking all the game's EX options, which Sega notes "anybody" should be able to do with continued play. The second, the sweet pilot's helmet you see above, is a little trickier to unlock and requires players to complete their medal collections in the score attack mode, which "takes some serious skill," according to Sega.

Unfortunately, it looks like Sega missed a golden opportunity here. Where's our remote control jet?

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