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China declares day of mourning, closes all entertainment venues

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

News of the earthquake that hit China last week was devastating enough to gain worldwide attention immediately, even more so as the numbers of killed, injured, and missing rose with every new report.

As China begins recovering this week, officials declared a day of mourning for today. Flags flew at half mast, citizens wore white paper flowers, and even rescue workers paused for three minutes to remember the victims. So what does this have to do with MMOs?

Matt Mihaly, the CEO of Sparkplay Media, is in Shanghai this week and dropped us a line to let us know that those aren't the only things being done for today's day of mourning: "...all entertainment options in China have been shut down today (4/21). That includes everything from karaoke bars to entertainment tv channels (non-news channels are blacked out here today) to online games." That's right, no MMOs in China today. And while we at Massively love our games, we can't help but approve of this measure of respect for those affected.

[Thanks to Matt for the tip!]

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