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Halo: Reach to stretch across 3 retail editions [update]


A series of tips and a report from a reputable Cheap Ass Gamer indicate that there might be three retail editions of Halo: Reach offered when the game ships later this year: a standard edition, a limited edition and ... the "Legendary Edition." We'll give you a moment to catch your breath after dropping that bombshell on you. Ready? Good.

An alleged Best Buy ad, to be circulated next week, reveals that the retail packages will range in price from $60 for the standard game to $150 for the Legendary Edition, with the "limited" iteration of Reach falling in at $80. As you might imagine, the standard version supposedly comes with just the game itself, while the limited version is said to also include a "special limited edition case, collectibles and in-game armor," according to the ad. The $150 option allegedly contains all of the contents of the limited edition, in addition to even more "unique packaging" and in-game armor, plus a "Legendary Noble 6 Sculpture." When asked for comment, Microsoft issued its standard response: "We don't comment on rumor or speculation."

We'd suggest to those of you pining for Reach's Legendary Edition to wait a bit -- we hear these things tend to eventually drop in price to something much, much more reasonable. If you just can't wait, though, Best Buy, and no doubt other major retailers, will reportedly begin accepting your pre-orders next week.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed the trio of Reach retail editions.

[Thanks Lgndryhr and everyone else who sent this in!]

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