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StarCraft 2 beta invite with GameStop pre-order [update: Amazon too]


If you've yet to snag an invitation to the StarCraft 2 beta, then this news post is for you! A tipster has alerted us to the StarCraft 2 product page on GameStop, which notes that pre-ordering the game will net players their own invitations to join the Zerg-stomping fun. The offer applies to both the $60 regular edition and the $100 collector's edition and can be redeemed either in-store or online. One quick note to the sneaky types out there: The product page states that orders cannot be canceled once your beta code has been received.

But hey, you were going to buy it anyway, and It's not like anyone would game the system just for a free beta ticket, right? Of course not.

Update: According to tipster Aaron and one of our commenters, Amazon pre-orders are now receiving StarCraft 2 beta invitations as well. We've contacted Amazon to confirm but, in the meantime, have any other Amazon customers out there received their beta key already?

Update 2: Amazon has confirmed that its StarCraft 2 pre-orders do come with beta access. The first wave of invitations was sent out today. Future pre-orders should receive their beta invitation "within a few days."

[Thanks, Chris]

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