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Widevine DRM upgrade enables new features (multichannel audio) on streaming services


It's not that we're in love with DRM, but if you enjoy any rental video services online it's an inescapable part of the deal. The good news from Widevine today is a number of new features added to its platform in version 4.4.4 which could help change the way we use services from its customers like CinemaNow. DVD-style chapters, live streaming, progressive downloads, and adaptive streaming features are all great features we've seen before in various forms, but the most anticipated one around these parts is multichannel audio. Netflix has mentioned its use of WMDRM as a reason behind the lack of surround sound on Watch Instantly streams, but as a new customer mentioned (alongside Blockbuster) in the press release, a shift in solutions will likely coincide with the feature arriving later this year.

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