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Bungie expects 'upwards of three million' for Halo: Reach beta


Are you guys excited for this Halo: Reach thing? Yeah, we're not that concerned with it, but apparently it's kind of a "big deal" or something -- we guess there's a beta coming on May 3? Psh, whatevs. Anyway, according to a The Seattle Times interview with Bungie's Brian Jarrard and Chris Carney, the developer is anticipating quite the turnout.

"My expectation is it could be upwards of 3 million people. I think that's a fairly conservative estimate," Jarrard said. "Certainly there will never be a console beta of this magnitude." That's a considerable increase from the Halo 3 beta, which managed to snag 820,000 participants during its 26-day run during the summer of 2007.

Sure, the inclusion of jetpacks undoubtedly raised some eyebrows, but we would never have thought the potential for atomic teabags would be that big of a selling point. C'est la vie.

[Via 1UP]

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