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Drew Brees singled out for Madden 11 cover


Boy, how quickly it all can change: One moment you're leading America's darling Saints to a Super Bowl victory and the next you're cursed by the very same fans that cheered you on. Such is the fate of New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who has almost certainly been afflicted with the "Madden Curse" following his selection as Madden NFL 11 cover guy. Perhaps unwittingly, fans hexed Brees through an online poll -- each click like a pin prick in a voodoo doll -- and now the Saints ownership must be scrambling to land a backup QB in the NFL draft tonight.

The first shot at Brees' knees will be televised nationally -- always a good betting opportunity -- when the NFL kicks off its regular season with the Saints hosting the Vikings on Thursday, September 9 on NBC. (That is, if Brees even manages to survive the preseason.) Something tells us he's gonna need more than a good luck kiss on the cheek.

Madden 11 will be released on August 10 for Xbox 360, PS3 (and PS2), Wii and PSP. Mobile versions, including an iPhone and iPod Touch release, will also be available.

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