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Google buys firm of former Apple employees


Google's purchase of a firm staffed with former Apple employees is surrounded by mystery, according to AppleInsider. Agnilux is a small San Jose startup founded by a few former Apple employees, most of whom left the mothership right around the time of the P.A. Semi acquisition.

Other than that, nothing is known about the company. And I mean nothing -- the NYT's Bits blog even tried to do a drive-by of what they were up to, and came up with bupkis. It's probably something processor-related, but whatever it is, Agnilux is guarding it so closely that they won't even talk abstractly about what they're working on, for fear that someone will "take our intellectual property before we're ready." The closest NYT gets is "some kind of server."

Google has purchased the company, for a (surprise) undisclosed sum. What do they want with it? We have no idea -- Google already knows their way around server architecture, and it certainly seems like they're a little late to start installing new processors everywhere. Conspiracy money says that they really just wanted a nice chunk of Apple -- if that's the case, then with Agnilux on the payroll, they probably got what they wanted.

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