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Grab some keys for the closed beta test of Martial Empires!


If you're big on splling the blood of your enemies with flashy moves, then we might have the beta key giveaway for you!

Our friends over at Gamigo recently gave us 1,000 beta test keys for their newest MMO, Martial Empires! Martial Empires is their new free-to-play MMO, sporting PvPvE content like Aion crossed with an odd little gambling mechanism called "jackpot." Jackpot allows you to bet special points gained through questing and mob hunting on a mini-game that pays out with special prizes for use in the game. It's luck crossed with the blood of your enemies, so why not give it a go?

If you're looking to jump into this closed beta, then follow this link over to our key giveaway page and follow the instructions there. Soon enough, you'll have a Martial Empires account set up and you'll be wreaking havoc like the best of them! But remember, we only have 1,000 keys, so act fast!

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