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Microsoft confirms Bayonetta/Forza 3 bundle for Japan


Microsoft is putting on its best marketing face to try and sell some Xbox 360s in Japan, hence a new Xbox 360 Elite bundle -- last week's rumored bundle. The new pack includes a copy of Forza 3 and Bayonetta on top of all the usual trimmings that come with an Xbox 360 Elite -- all for a cool ¥29,800 ($319.48).

It's one of the more unique software bundles we've seen, to tell the truth, but a nice way to entice Japanese gamers. Each title comes from an opposite side of the spectrum: Forza 3 is a diehard racing sim with an emphasis on cool, calculative driving, whereas Bayonetta is a frenetic action game with an emphasis on giant, ambiguous animals and riding motorcycles in space.

The bundle is available to Japanese consumers right now.

[Via Kotaku]

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