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Nail'd: ATV racing from the Call of Juarez team


Developer Techland has moved from the Call of Juarez to the Call of Four Wheelz with its new ATV racer, Nail'd, on the way to PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime this year via publisher Deep Silver. Personally, we'd want to keep our little ATV tires from being nail'd, but we're not racing experts.

The racer combines high-speed ATV racing with outlandish obstacles -- according to Destructoid's preview, " There were rock slides, giant buzz saws moving about, and a jump that saw you sailing through a wind turbine. In one section, a 747 jet lands in front of you. There was even a segment that had the player racing on top of a moving train for several seconds." All in one track.

For players who manage to avoid the stray planes, saws, and other hazards, performing tricks will build a boost meter to help enhance speed. To read more about the totally extreme racing game, and to see more screenshots, check out Destructoid.

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