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Paris has a new video game museum


Paris recently added La Musée du Jeu Vidéo (The Museum of Video Game) to its long list of museums housing world famous works of art. For €10 ($13.38), Parisians and visitors to the city can explore the history of games on the roof of La Grande Arche de la Defense -- that's only €0.50 more than the price of admission to Le Louvre (€10)!

Since the museum opened on April 14, a few of its first visitors have documented their experience. French newspaper 20 Minutes has a smattering of images and YouTube user "bsyphillis" shot a couple videos of the museum's console displays (embedded after the break), both enticing us to skip out on this whole "Joystiq thing" and hop a plane to France this evening. Even if you're not so into video games (wait, why are you reading this site?), La Grande Arche offers some fairly impressive views of the city, making it significant other/family-friendly. If you visit, feel free to buy us a totally sweet t-shirt.

Source 1 - 20 Minutes
Source 2 - YouTube

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