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Star Wars: The Old Republic drops a surprise video documentary

Eliot Lefebvre

It seemed like just another day for the legion of fans rabidly awaiting more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, or more specifically another Thursday. After all, the site updates with content on such a regular schedule on Fridays that you could set your watch by it, assuming that your watch only measures what day it is. But we were surprised by the tease that the game would be posting an update via its social media sites on Twitter and Facebook. Lo and behold, it's a new developer video on one of the most central activities in the game: combat.

Currently exclusive to Gametrailers, the movie highlights the speed and fluidity of the game's combat animations as well as the overall design philosophy. One of the points the developers choose to point out is that most MMO combat is focused on several players versus a single boss enemy, which feels much less heroic and epic than a lone warrior struggling against unbeatable odds. Mobility, style, and more than a few interesting powers are on display in the six-minute video, which should give Star Wars: The Old Republic fans plenty to look forward to.

[ Thanks to Tziena for the tip! ]

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