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Telus Milestone users finally get a taste of Android 2.1's custard filling

Tim Stevens

If you're on Telus and you've been longingly waiting for your turn to jump onto the Android 2.1 bandwagon, that time is now. However, you're going to have to take a few steps to get aboard, as this update is not coming OTA. According to MobileSyrup, where you can find the full update instructions, you'll need to hit Motorola's site directly, accept an agreement, then download a software updater to your PC. After that you'll get a taste of multitouch in Maps, a new Facebook widget to clutter your desktop, and the option to enable up to nine homescreens -- something you can gloat about to your Droid-owning neighbors to the south. We're still making do with just 3.

[Thanks, Sean]

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