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Toshiba REGZA R1 and H1 series promises USB storage, HDD, adventure


If you were contemplating a move to Japan (you know, because you're sick of waiting for all those feature-packed REGZA HDTVs to make it stateside) the idea just got a little more compelling. The new REGZA R1 series (up to 42-inches) and REGZA H1 series (32 and 37-inch displays) sport USB ports for recording and external storage. All but the 32-inch models feature 1080p (the little guys make due with 720p) and the R1 line also feature IPS panels and an enhanced gaming mode. All of the above support DLNA streaming, four HDMI ports, analog inputs, and two 10W speakers. But that's not all! In addition to USB, the H1 line throws in the 500GB hard drives that are becoming commonplace on other REGZA models lately. Look for new H1 displays to drop in early June, starting at ¥150,000 (about $1,600), while the new R1 line is due any time now starting at ¥130,000 (about $1,400). Hit the source link for all the details -- and for an insane trip into the world of machine-mangled Japanese press releases. If you dare.

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