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Warhammer Online brings 1.3.5 to be tested

Eliot Lefebvre

With all of the billing nightmares apparently resolved, complete with the peacemaking gifts, Warhammer Online is ready to move back to its core focus. The development team has been talking about the improvements set to come with patch 1.3.5, continuing the game's process of strengthening the Realm vs. Realm gameplay by adding fully PvP-focused city sieges. On top of the improvements to Scenarios and the addition of PvP-bought weaponry, the game is playing to its greatest assets. How successful it's been will soon be in the hands of the players, as 1.3.5 is going to the public test server.

The obvious large-scale changes can take some of the flash away from smaller changes, such as allowing Marauders the option to properly dual-wield and improved AFK flagging in scenarios. Numerous bugfixes, changes to NPC locations, and revisions to the Open RvR currency are also present in the patch. And that's not even talking about inventory space... all in all, it promises much for players to be happy about, and little to be disappointed with. Warhammer Online's players can take a hop to the test server Warpstone to take a look at all the changes, and those who'd prefer to abstain can take heart that the changes will likely be going live soon.

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