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Activision registers new domain for GoldenEye game


The saga of a new GoldenEye game -- or the possible re-release of the original -- has acquired yet another new wrinkle. Said wrinkle comes in the form of a new internet domain registered by Activision. The domain in question, uncovered by superannuation, is, which certainly points to some sort of revival for the storied title. While the prospects of an actual re-release of Rare's N64 classic have been all but crushed, an artist's resume discovered in October 2009 did mention work on a GoldenEye 2010 for Activision.

Assuming the resume was accurate, Activision could be securing the domain in advance of an announcement. It's also unclear if any of this ties into James Bond: Bloodstone, the alleged title of the Bond game in development at Bizarre. We know Activision has Bond plans for 2010, but could the company be preparing us for a double-0 dose of espionage, perhaps rolling out a new version of GoldenEye to drum up interest for Bloodstone? Or maybe the company is simply getting its ducks in a row in case it does decide to revive GoldenEye.

Whatever it is, something is definitely stirring shaking at Activision.

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