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Google, Broadcom close to enabling 802.11n on Nexus One?

Chris Ziegler

We need a name for this whole drama -- we like "n-Gate," but it's a little too close to N-Gage for comfort. Anyhow, you might recall that Google briefly listed 802.11n support in the Nexus One around the time of its release, then wiped all mention of it only to have iFixit's teardown reveal on no uncertain terms that the Broadcom-sourced wireless chipset was definitely capable of rocking it. The word on the street is that Google and Broadcom have just pushed new drivers for the chipset into the Android repository that enable the functionality, which likely means that future stock firmwares will support it -- Froyo, for instance -- including anything the Nexus One should happen to be graced with in the future. Faster wireless is always a good thing, as far as we're concerned... especially, you know, when Google closes the book on 3G issues. Follow the break for claimed video proof that this 11n business is all too real.

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