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New from TwelveSouth: SurfacePad Colors for MacBook


The Apple fans at TwelveSouth have done it again, this time with a product for the oft-neglected MacBook.

SurfacePad Colors is a line of colorful leather pads that protect your glistening white MacBook from scratches and stains. The colors were well-researched by TwelveSouth. The Cyan Blue SurfacePad matches the current iPod nano blue, Perfect Pink is a perfect match to the Incase pink neoprene sleeve for the MacBook, Infinite Grey is identical to the grey on the base of the MacBook, and Orange Crush will make Clemson University, University of Tennessee, and Syracuse University fans and alums happy (hey, guys, you forgot that it also matches the orange in the Denver Broncos logo).

The SurfacePad Colors pads are available now from TwelveSouth for US$29.99, and they're celebrating the release of this new product with free shipping. Be sure to check out the gallery on the TwelveSouth site for lots of sexy shots of SurfacePad Colors on a bevy of MacBooks.

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