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Planet Calypso 2010|2 update adds 80 missions


It may be a MMO about planet colonization, but we dare you to look at the title of Planet Calypso and not imagine a neverending Jamaican party resort. In any case, the Planet Calypso team is pleased as punch to announce its 2010|2 update, which includes a whopping 80 new missions. You may recall that the 2010|1 update introduced the mission system back in February of this year.

20 of these new missions are dedicated to the mysterious Cyclops volcano (which also appeared with the 2010|1 update), with the remaining 60 devoted to the "Iron Challenge" of finding and exterminating the local critters. The latter is done, to quote the patch notes, "in order to raise awareness of firearms issues."

The 2010|2 update comes with a few other additions, as well as a trunk full of bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes over at the Planet Calypso site.

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