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Unbound Saga will beat 'em up on XBLA


Vogster has revealed that Unbound Saga is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. If you generally stick to the Xbox spectrum of the gaming world, there's a fair chance you haven't heard of Unbound Saga. Released last year for the PSP, Unbound Saga is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up with more than a passing resemblance to the old 16-bit title Comix Zone (also available on XBLA, incidentally). It didn't exactly bring in the best reviews -- even our brief time with it at NY Comic-Con 2009 was unimpressive. Aside from that, the beat-'em-up genre already has some standout titles on XBLA, especially with the recent edition of Final Fight: Double Impact.

That said, the XBLA version of Unbound Saga brings with it the addition of cooperative play, which was missing from the PSP version. It also appears to have improved graphics. Check out a new trailer after the break.

[Via GamerBytes]

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