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Tricked again! RUSE delayed to September


Alright, RUSE dev team at Ubisoft, that's quite enough! This is at least the fourth time your game has been pushed back from a retail release and frankly, we're tired of thinking up punny headlines based on your game's title at this point. So we'll just be straight up with you, dearest reader: RUSE's Facebook page has been updated by the development team reflecting another delay until sometime in September.

The note cites "massive feedback" from the game's beta users as the cause of said delay, and explains that, "this extra time will allow us to implement many of your suggestions and improve the multiplayer experience while polishing the overall game." So, will we finally get to play RUSE in September? We're gonna go ahead and say "maybe ... we think."

[Via RockPaperShotgun]

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