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APB's Chris Collins details zoning, missions

Jef Reahard

Many of us here at Massively are anxiously awaiting the release of Realtime Worlds' urban crime MMORPG All Points Bulletin. Though the title is currently deep into beta, there hasn't been a huge helping of news regarding the city of San Paro as of late. Now, German fan site OnlineWelten has come to the rescue courtesy of an interview with Community Manager Chris 'Deum' Collins.

Collins highlights the game's talking points including creativity, conflict, and celebrity, in a wide-ranging piece that discusses everything from PvP, to mission systems, to server structure and player population. "Servers (or worlds as we refer to them as) consist of 100,000 players. These servers then break down into a number of districts. These districts hold between 100 and 250 players at any one time, so if one version of a district is 'full', another will be available for them to join. If you have friends or clan-mates that are in another district, then you can simply pull up the social panel and join them. The game will then spawn you in their district," Collins says.

Check out the full interview at OnlineWelten.

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