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Confirmed: Droid Incredible's multitouch support is better than the Nexus One's

Chris Ziegler

You might recall that fascinating video a while back showing the Nexus One's touch sensor getting all discombobulated when the tester's multitouch fingerwork started to get a little too fancy, and now, Android Central has confirmed that Verizon's Droid Incredible doesn't suffer the same fate -- but why is that, exactly? Android and Me is reporting that the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G both employ an Atmel maXTouch sensor with unlimited touch support -- a relatively new product launched in late '09 -- whereas the Nexus One is using Synaptics' older ClearPad 2000, which was designed to top out with simple two-finger gestures like pinch zoom. The upshot? Complicated multitouch games might end up being less playable (or downright unusable) on the Nexus One, but the silver lining is that HTC's gone ahead and rolled out better components for its latest round of devices that should prevent this from being a problem going forward. Follow the break for Android Central's video of the Droid Incredible multitouching circles around the Nexus One -- figuratively speaking, of course.

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