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iBracket turns your iPad into an iKiosk


Gravity Switch has been designing and developing touch-screen kiosks, websites and custom applications for 14 years, so it's not a surprise that their attention would move to the iPad. Apple's newest device is perfect for touchscreen kiosk applications, as well as much less expensive than most traditional kiosk setups.

The aluminum iBracket (US$349, $399 for the gallery version) features a beautiful anodized aluminum finish in one of 14 colors, and can be hung either vertically or horizontally. The gallery version of the iBracket (seen above) has 4 built-in speakers, so it's easy to have the iPad play music or a narration through the iPod app while displaying a custom application or photos. You simply slide an iPad into the iBracket, connect the speakers and power, and then mount it on the wall. The iBracket has a locking mounting bracket, so there's no fear of someone walking off with your iPad and the bracket.

Gravity Switch is currently taking orders for the iBracket, and you can also inquire about custom finishes if one of the existing colors just doesn't trip your trigger. As Jason Mark of Gravity Switch mentioned, the iPad is truly a "game-changer" in the touchscreen kiosk world, and with the iBracket, we're sure to see a lot more iPad-based kiosks popping up everywhere.

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