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Newest PS3 SKU has updated, cheaper RSX innards

Japanese tech site PocketNews recently -- for reasons unbeknownst to us -- cracked open the smooth, colorless shell of the new CECH-2100A model of the PlayStation. What did they find inside? Candy. So much candy. They also found a smaller, more energy-efficient RSX graphics chip, which allows Sony to cut costs on the console's heat sink, power supply and cooling unit. It also lets the manufacturer cut down on the number of graphics chips contained within the console, leaving more room for the aforementioned candy.

While these technological improvements will likely help Sony cut down on the manufacturing price of each console, we wouldn't expect that savings to translate into a price cut for the console. Mostly because Sony's still working to recover from a few quarters of heavy, heavy losses, but also because the PS3 just got a price cut. Stop being so greedy.

[Via Engadget]

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