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Rumor: Server merge may be in the cards for Vanguard

Server merges are a fairly touchy subject with just about any MMO community. For some, they're a sign that a company is putting a game on life support. For others, it is viewed as a way for a company to pool resources and effort in maintaining a smaller server structure so they can redistribute funds and manpower into improving the game. In either case, it still beats having one's favorite MMO shut down altogether.

That's why we were interested to note a somewhat cryptic post on the official Vanguard forums made by Salim "Silius" Grant, the game's Lead Developer. While he doesn't state that he is definitely talking about server merges, the thread is named "the big merger" and merges are the primary topic in the thread. The post in question reads: "[w]e are still working out the details on this. We are finalizing the process and running it through QA while working on the marketing side so we can get the word out to people and a good bit of forewarning. Hopefully we can get the official word out soon. Sorry for the lack of updates but it really has just been constant QA of the process so we can have as few bugs as possible once this occurs. This combined with getting the other content releases out the door has made things rather hectic around here."

We contacted Sony Online Entertainment for clarification, but were told that there are currently no plans on the horizon for server merges in Vanguard. What precisely Grant could have been talking about in his forum posting if this is the case is something we're going to have to wait and see.

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