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ArenaNet reveals new Guild Wars 2 blog and image

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It's that time in the Guild Wars 2 information cycle again: just as we are beginning to despair of ever getting new information, the floodgates open. ArenaNet's been dropping some very broad hints over the past few weeks, most recently sending out a couple of very mysterious images.

Today dropped a couple of significant new pieces of information. First, one of the figures in the image (by the incredibly talented Kekai Kotaki) changed to reveal itself as what is almost certainly an Elementalist. Hopefully this is the first in a pattern, and we'll get a look at the other figures still waiting in the background.

Our excitement over the new image barely had time to register when ArenaNet dropped a second bomb: a Guild Wars 2 blog. Talk about starting off with a bang: this first blog entry -- accurately labeled a manifesto -- takes the main points of GW2, things that we already knew, and expands upon them in a big way. Many points that we've wondered about are clarified, and the blog entry is easily the biggest piece of information we've gotten from ArenaNet since the last trailer.

If you're one of the many waiting for Guild Wars 2, this blog entry is a must read, and be sure to check out next week's Flameseeker Chronicles as we go over all the new information in detail.

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